École Internationale Antonia – Montpellier


Antonia is a private, secular and independent school establishment.

The pedagogy of meaning, in place at Antonia over the last 17 years, offers a comprehensive programme of education and teaching which combines the official guidelines of the French national education system and established international standards.

Antonia is a French/English bilingual school at the nursery school level, and an international school at the primary level. Antonia is perfectly suited to the needs of gifted children.

Antonia welcomes its students at two sites : Montpellier WEST, and Montpellier CENTRE.

On Wednesdays, and over a part of school holidays, Antonia offers you the services of its linguistic centre, FOX KIDS.

Recently on television : Initiation à la permaculture à l’Ecole Internationale Antonia – on France3


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Information / Pre-enrolments / Enrolments :

Telephone : 04 6771 6970 from within France, or +33 4 6771 6970 from other countries

E-mail : contact@ecoleantonia-montpellier.com

Campuses : 1075 rue de Fontcouverte 34070 Montpellier / 40 rue du Faubourg Saint-Jaumes 34000 Montpellier

Private blog : schoolantonia (for access codes please ask at the school)

Private Facebook Group : École ANTONIA de Montpellier