Events 2011 – 2012


Within the context of our annual project Man and Writing


From September to June

  • From prehistoric times to modern times : a history of writing


October 2011

  • Setup of a private blog accessible to families “De la main à la plume” :


November 2011

  • Reading in a network : witches in children’s litterature


February 2012

  • Presentation of Chinese and Japanese calligraphy


March 2012

  • Carnaval of characters from Fairy Tales and Comics


March to May

  • Writing in art : Miro, Paul Klee, Matisse, Basquiat, Picasso
  • Writing of a poetry collection (PS) : Prévert, Liska, Appolinaire, Brier
  • Writing of a dynamic book (MS) – a story of vowels
  • Creation of a hopscotch grid – from modelling to permanent installation in the school yard


May 2012 – Participation in the contest “SOS prémas”

  • A pedagogy workshop organised for the creation of children’s drawings to liven up the walls of neonatal services


School fete

  • From history of writing to the story of a fairy tale.