How ?


Reaching our goals

  • Via a new and tested teaching methodology which allows for a progressive and individualised accompaniment of pupils from the age of two.
  • A comprehensive teaching program and advanced learning from three years old and for three years duration : reading, writing, maths, discovering the world.
  • A musical and artistic approach, in a playful setting, in order to open our pupils up to our cultural diversity.
  • Exposure to foreign languages via listening workshops, songs and games.
  • Personal, emotional and physical thriving thanks to psychomotricity activities, dance, yoga, philosophy and permaculture.



Our classes at the nursery school level are based on the official guidelines of the French national education.

The teaching methodology guidelines were developed in-house, under the guidance of our pedagogy director.

The teaching methodology has been registered in order to guarantee its author’s rights.

The guidelines have been established according to a rigorous progression and adhere to a precise learning process:

  • Learn to read from 3 years old and in three years
  • Approach the learning of other disciplines via the same approach