Nursery school



A personalised accompaniment

To guarantee a personalised accompaniment for our pupils we have made the decision to work in small groups.

The accompaniment programme adheres in particular to :

  • the personal and social development of the child
  • the development of their motor skills
  • the awakening of their artistic sensitivity
  • activities pertaining to pre-reading and pre-writing
  • an introduction to mathematics and science
  • activities pertaining to languages (mother-tongue and foreign)


The daily routine

The daily routine is organised so as to alternate activities.

Basic learning is done in the morning in French. The afternoon is given over to play-oriented teaching workshops in English.

Throughout the entire day, our pupils make the most of the modular space in accordance with the lesson being given.


Age groups

The children are separated into 4 age human scale groups :

  • Very small : 2 – 3 years old
  • Small : 3 – 4 years old
  • Medium : 4- 5 years old
  • Big : 5 – 6 years old