Pédagogie du sens®

In Touch Teaching


Children are gifted. They all have talent.

It is up to the school to provide an environment which encourages the development of their skills and which is favourable to their thriving.

These books, In Touch Teaching (Original title in French : Pédagogie du sens®), present the basis of the teaching methodology that is put in place at Antonia.

Books available : at the bookshop Sauramps Place de la Comédie, at the bookshop “le grain des mots” 13 Bd du Jeu de Paume (contact@legraindesmots.com), at the bookshop “FIERS DE LETTRES” 1 rue du bras de fer 34000 Montpellier, through éditions Filosphère. It is also available at the school.

The Pédagogie du sens® (In Touch Teaching) leverages the sense of children to apply meaning to what they learn.

It is through giving to children the means to understand the world that they will be more capable of interacting later on.

By proposing a streamlined and comprehensive teaching system which brings together all disciplines in an annual project, sharpens curiosity, respects differences and encourages expression, the multiple capabilities of each child are valued at last.

The Pédagogie du sens® (In Touch Teaching), by taking into account the richness of one, and including it in the whole, answers perfectly the needs of all children, and in particular gifted children.

The Pédagogie du sens® (In Touch Teaching) is a new teaching methodology which opens the way to teaching and learning from a new angle.

Profits raised from sales of Tome 2 are donated in their entirety to the “Fond de dotation des Ecoles Antonia”.


Network of free and independant schools

Antonia is a part of a network of free and independant schools. It is recognized by the the Foundation “Potentials and Talents” as a school having innovative practices. The school participates in discussions on the evolution of teaching in France. Find out more.



Reviews in the press

Review published in La Classe Maternelle (N° 232 10/2014) for the book « La pédagogie du sens® – Expérience de l’école Antonia » by Nathalie Alcaras-Will, published by Filosphère.

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Review published in La Classe Maternelle (N° 269 05/2018) for the book “La pédagogie du sens® – Le projet thématique annuel” by Nathalie Alcaras-Will, published by Filosphère.

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Article published in “Sauvons l’eau” magazine, n°41
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